Top rated stereo systems  you can buy in 2017

These compact stereo systems are all about delivering satisfying sound quality in a smaller footprint. Having a small form factor means it can easily fit in those limited and tight spaces at home or office like a bookshelf or desktop. Sound enthusiasts knows too well that setting up a killer audio system can be complicated matter. The right size of a room that is conducive to sound accuracy and a high-end system caters for audiophiles who likes their music in high fidelity. But worry not if you consider yourself a casual listener or someone who appreciate nuances of sound without over-committing to an elaborate equipment. This page has a list of stereo systems that are capable of satisfying sound that is not as intrusive. When it comes to pricing, some of this space saving system can be as expensive or can also be affordable as one’s budget would permit.

The advent of mobile devices have changed the way we listen to our music- wherein nowadays, most of our digital media are stored in our mobile devices. The emergence of streaming internet music on demand also changed the way we consume them. That said, relying on a CD player alone as a medium to play music doesn’t cut it these days- a diverse connectivity options such as USB support and wireless music streaming capability are becoming the standard these days. That said, choosing the right system that features your preferred method to play your contents is necessary.

In terms of audio quality, most of the compact systems featured below are well- received with rave reviews from critics and consumers alike.

  • Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System
    Bose Wave Music System III

    There is so much to like about the Wave III system particularly in the audio performance department (based on review) for such a small form factor. It comes equipped with CD player, AM/FM receiver, an alarm clock with touch top control and remote control. The Wave Music III has its own signature speaker technology that enables it to deliver a wide spectrum of audio frequency suitable for different music genre. But the main drawback is the steep asking price and some missing functionalities already a standard in systems.

    Update: The Wave SoundTouch IV is the latest model that now comes with a more modern and sleeker design. The higher-end ‘Music System’ is a better choice for consuming wireless audio content via Bluetooth and WiFi. As such, it allows streaming Spotify and other subscription music service.

  • Samsung MX-JS5000/ZA (2015)
    Samsung MX-JS5000-ZAAt 1,500W, this compact sound system is a mini powerhouse, enough to fill a small office space or decent sized room. However, all of that power means nothing if it didn’t deliver on sound quality and glad to say that most feedbacks from owners confirm that it can indeed produce crisp and clear audio quality with its in-house sound technology .

    Easy bluetooth paring with other bt devices – Be it your smartphones, laptop or tablet, the Samsung MX-JS5000 can be an extension of your portable music wirelessly. With its powerful speaker, you can hear and feel the music resonate across the room with its distortion free output.  There is also an app support that allows to use the phone as a remote control via bluetooh. The app can be downloaded for compatible Android phones.

    Lighting effect- its like a mini party in your shelf or desk. A led light synchronize to the rhythm of the song which adds to the audiovisual experience.

  • Sony CMTSBT100
    sony cmtsbt100

    With sound that is more than enough to fill an average-sized room,  Sony CMTSBT100 is also widely praised for its good audio quality relative to its compact size. It comes with a bevy of connectivity options such as Bluetooth and NFC  so this effectively becomes a conduit for better listening experience of music library stored in phone instead of just listening via its tiny speaker or headset. It may be classified as a ‘micro’ system but its power is anything but with 50 watts RMS with BASS BOOST function for full bodied bass response. Currently, the CMTSBT100 is priced at ~$199 on Amazon with substantial reviews which is overall positive.

  • Yamaha MCR-232 Micro Component System
    yamaha mcr 232bl
    Yamaha has quite a strong line-up of all-in-1, bookshelf system that has received rave reviews for good sound quality. The Yamaha MCR-232 comes with an FM/AM tuner, CD player, remote control and USB. Unfortunately there is no Bluetooth out of the box so you have to fork out an amount for a receiver. It also support older iPod and iPhone via 30 pin connector but you can also use USB connection to plug supported media devices.

  • Denon D-M39S Micro Component System
    denon d-m39s

    The Denon D-M39S space saving stereo system allows you play music CDs and listen to your favorite FM station of up to 40 presets. There is also slew of wired connectivity options such as optical digital, stereo line input and USB for plugging supported devices. It supports older iPhones and iPods but there are some reports of compatibility issue with those running on an older firmware. Notably missing is built-in bluetooth and other wireless options which could come in handy these days. As for the sound quality, general consensus is it deliver rich sound for such a shelf-friendly form factor.

    Update: The Denon D-M39S has already been discontinued from the market. You may also want to consider the D-M40 model which has also received positive feedback for its great sound quality. Wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth is still missing while the higher price tag can be also be a drawback.

  • Insignia NS-SH513- 50W Bluetooth CD Compact Shelf System
    insignia 50 NS-SH513At $100 price range, this little stereo system can give more expensive offerings a run for their money. The Insignia is perhaps the most affordable mini stereo system of the bunch-  it is no slouch either. The compact system is getting raves, not just for its low price, but also for its good sound quality (which garnered high mark from customers’ feedback on BestBuy). Having a built in Bluetooth receiver is indispensable features nowadays since can easily relay music from our phones and listen to it on an external speaker. It also allow music playback from different sources such as the traditional CD and USB thumb drive. Easily a solid choice for those who want a decent system that is not too compromised due to cutting corners.