Samsung’s expensive mid-rangers, the Galaxy A8 and A8+ officially lands in the Philippines

“A” Touchdown

Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+ was introduced at the end of last year and finally landed in some territories including the Philippines. We get our hands on the latest offering of Samsung in their local concept store and took a picture below. We must admit that the phones are impressively built and looked as premium as they can get. At first glance, the new devices have the design that could easily pass for a flagship but dig a bit deeper into the specs and you’ll notice a mid-range pedigree albeit on the upper tier.

The line-up adapts the tall aspect ratio with a minimal bezel dominated by stretched-out display and it looks gorgeous. Though it doesn’t have the edge-to-edge screen of the flagship S8,  I personally prefer the more ergonomic bezel of the A8 and A8+.  Don’t let the ‘Full HD only’ display fool you because it still looks fantastic with in-house AMOLED display by Samsung.

Premium, but not quite flagship

As stated, these latest offerings for 2018 by Samsung is not quite a flagship but interestingly the A8 and A8+ has the upperhand in some department. It takes better selfies with it 16MP dual camera that allows to achieve a Bokeh effect to focus on the subject and adjust the degree of background blur effect even after the photo is taken. Another nice implementation is the location of the fingerprint sensor this time around which is a big deal with the S8’s awkward position that makes for a smudgy camera lens. The Galaxy A8 has a sensible fingerprint scanner placement below the camera. When it comes to battery stamina, a review suggest that it will be an above average performer, just like its predecessors, the A5 2017 and A7 2017.


That Price

Everything is hunky-dory thus far, that is until the price of the device is mentioned- it is premium, enough said.

Uncompetitively priced at Php26,990 (~$540 US) for the Galaxy A8 and Php Php32,990  (~$660 US) for the Galaxy A8+, makes you instinctively evaluate the proposition of buying a flagship instead or look elsewhere for modestly priced mid-range device.

As a consolation, Samsung Philippines will throw in a flip cover and a 10,000mAh power bank to entice potential buyers. You can get both the A8 and A8 Plus in Black and Gold colors locally.