Galaxy S9 and S9+ leaks in full view: Dual cameras only for the S9+

It is no surprise that there is a yet to be officially announced flagship device from Samsung in the offing. In fact,  there are already early rumors swirling around about the upcoming Galaxy S9, even while its current flagship Galaxy S8 just recently hit the market at that time.

Along with the rumors of an anticipated devices comes leaks and renders that shows a glimpse or even more of what it will look like. So lo and behold, here are a computer generated images of yet to be released Samsung Galaxy S9 and the larger S9+, as leaked by 91mobiles and @OnLeaks.

First off, the standard Galaxy S9 has almost familiar design language as the Galaxy S8. It looks like it still has the same aspect ratio and a minimal curved bezel to boot. The aesthetics looks like it heavily resembles the other recent flagship of Samsung– but flip it on its side, then you will notice a subtle difference.

The notable changes, based on render is the camera at the back of the Galaxy S9. Though it still sports a single camera module, most notable is the orientation is now in vertical position adjacent to the fingerprint scanner. This makes for a better placement for the fingerprint scanner, whereas the Galaxy S8 is heavily scoffed by critics and users alike for being too awkward to use, in fact it is the only blotch for an otherwise excellent device. Looks like reaching for the fingerprint sensor is not going to be as tedious as the previous device and less prone of smudging the camera every time the phone is unlocked using the sensor.

Another interesting bit of information from the leak is that the S9 is going to be a bit thicker than the Galaxy S8– a 0.4mm difference. Many speculated that this is done on purpose in order to make way for a higher battery capacity.

On the other hand, the obligatory ‘Plus’ is going to be the bigger variant and also the more pricier . The Galaxy S9+ is apparently a 6.1 inch device with a dimension of 157.7 x 73.8 x 8.5 mm. It is also worth noting that the design doesn’t deviate much from its predecessor. The key differentiator this time, just like the regular S9, is the vertical strip at the rear that houses a dual dual camera and fingerprint sensor. It is said that the upcoming ‘Plus’ device is a bit thicker and wider (.0.4 mm) than its predecessor which means there is a possibility for a more robust battery capacity.

It is also expected that both S9 and S9+ will have the same Snapdragon 845 chipset that will do the heavy lifting. Also a variant with in-house Exynos SoC will be available in other market. Release date at this moment is all speculation since the devices are few months away but MWC 2018 or CES could be next year’s events to watch out for.

Sources : 91mobiles | OnLeaks