iPhone 8 battery swells, causes display panel to pop open (updated)

But don’t call it #splitgate… yet

It not uncommon to encounter defects, bugs and flaw for any new phone models that is just out in the market. There are few instances where quality issues arise only after the device hits the market and consumers subject it to real world use. That being said, there are reported incidents of swollen battery of iPhone 8 which causes it to burst open. Just to make things clear, these are just two posts of the incidents on social media so it is not considered to be a prevalent issue thus far.  It could very well be statistically insignificant but Apple is already on top of it by investigating the issue. After the battery debacle that was the Note7 that leads to its demise, it would be crazy for any mobile company to ignore such issue no matter how small the affected units.

The first reported device to pop open belonged to an iPhone 8 Plus user in Taiwan wherein the incident happens during charging. According to the Taiwanese woman, both the charging plug and cable are original accessories. The swelling battery incident happens just three minutes of charging the phone but luckily it didn’t explode or catches fire. The said iPhone 8 Plus was returned to the carrier and it was already forwarded to Apple to further dissect the possible cause of the issue.

Meanwhile, a somewhat similar issue happened in Japan wherein an iPhone 8 was already in a defective condition out of the box. The owner posted via Twitter what appears to be the phone’s screen lifted up from its aluminium chassis.

So far, since there is no conclusive answer as to what causes the battery to swell and the screen to split from its enclosure. But the obvious culprit so far could be due to faulty lithium ion battery. Do take note, that the iPhone 8 is rumored to use the same battery from the same company that makes the Note7. But at the end of the day, it is also sensible to approach this issue with a healthy dose of skepticism as the incidents are still under investigation. Thus far, those cases appears to be isolated as millions of iPhone 8s are just being shipped, then into the hands of customers who are going to use the device day in and day out.

source: thenextweb

Update October 7, 2017: Uh-oh. Another Twitter post surfaced in Taiwan apparently showing an iPhone 8 having its display pushed open by a swollen battery.