It turns out, the news of MS Paint’s demise is greatly exaggerated

Microsoft Paint is here to stay (in the Windows Store that is)

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There has been news swirling around the internet about the impending demise of Microsoft Paint which are quickly picked up by many reputable sites. The speculation started after Microsoft published in its article that the upcoming Windows’ Fall Creators Update will be tagged “deprecated”. The post sounds like they will likely kill off the built-in app as there will be no guaranteed support and further development in the pipeline– as the context of the official blog may suggest.

Upon the outpouring of nostalgic sentiments of long time Windows users, Microsoft quickly clarify that Paint is not actually going to cease to exist as per online articles earlier suggested. The software giant quickly points out that Paint 3D,  can also supplant the legacy app as it can also do basic photo editing and more. It turns out, MS Paint is also headed to the store where it can be downloaded for free once the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update rolls out.

For years, users who are used to paste, crop and annotate their screenshots has MS Paint at their disposal. Moreover, those who like to doodle using their mouse can heave a sigh of relief for the time being knowing that the app is still there but expect Microsoft to highlight Paint 3D and get more love via updates as it moves forward.

source: windows experience blog