LG V30 Cases

Looks matter especially for a premium device such as the LG V30 and you don’t need to take a long, hard look to see its eye-pleasing exterior.  Glass and metal construction are the standards for top-of-the-line phones these days — the very same reasons why you may want install the best cases for your LG V30. Scratches and marks easily mar the aesthetics, even worse, sustaining damage from impact is just a hard pill to swallow with the cost of repair it entails. That said, lets take a look at some of the case to keep your phone scratch-free as possible and saves you from hassles along the way.

Spigen Tough Armor Case

One of the reputable manufacturer out there and go-to accessory for those looking for well-crafted cases. This tough dual layer case by Spigen is made with high quality materials such as a soft TPU for shock-absorption and reinforced by polycarbonate layer on the outside. It is considerably thin enough because understandably, any added heft can be annoying. On the front, a strategically placed lips helps the display to avoid getting contact on a flat surface. Meanwhile, the same goes for the camera as the back potion of the case makes it slight recessed. Another advantage is the fingerprint sensor can be easily located at the back with this Spigen case. As an added feature, there is inconspicuous rear kickstand with logo that props it when viewing media and digital content.

Unicorn Beetle PRO Series Armor Case

This is a heavy-duty dual layer kind if you want to gear up your V30 to defending against impact. The ruggedly designed case is packed with features that is going to be suitable for those who have active lifestyle. For day-to-day casual phone users, there are also much to appreciate here apart from its robust shell. There are the reinforced corners against drop, anti slip sides that adds grip and covered ports to prevent dust getting in. But wait there’s more! It also comes with swiveling holster with belt clip.


Slim Cover Case by Spigen

This cover is design to be thin enough so much so that it doesn’t add bulk to the device. It has protective quality such as the obligatory but necessary scratch resistance and drop protection. It has also a slip resistant quality that is aimed for better handling of the device.



Clear Case for LG V30

Because first impressions lasts, it seems most flagship devices nowadays are trying to wow consumers by the bezel- or trying to eliminate it as much as possible. On the other hand, having a thick burly case seems defeat this aesthetically pleasing feature. The reason being clear cases are there is to highlight the attractive design language of the phone and the same time protect it just like any case would.



Urban Armor Gear releases Plasma Series for LG V30

Urban Armor Gear is known for their signature rugged and industrial-looking cases that has protective yet lightweight shell. And if you like the recognizable design philosophy of their product, then good news is that they also offer their Plasma Series for the LG V30. There are plenty to like about the case particularly if you are a fan of tough armor cases that doesn’t add too much bulk. Though this is a single piece design, it definitely looks tough in a surprisingly slim body. They can backup their ‘durability’ claim with a military drop-test rating or a MIL STD 810G 516.6 standard to be exact.

  • Tough Armor shell exterior with bump protection and cushy inner core for impact protection
  • Lightweight construction with semitransparent design
  • Non-slip grippy texture
  • Scratch resistant skid pads and screen surround
  • Available in ‘Ice’ and ‘Ash’ color via UAG website

LG V30’s rear design revealed by case maker

News Ι July 2017

Case maker are now now becoming go to source if you want to take a peek at the design language of an unannounced device that is about to hit the market. In fact,  there have been numerous renders lately of upcoming phones that are spot on which are sourced from overeager case manufacturer. This time around it is the turn of the yet to be official LG V30 to get the rear design leak treatment courtesy of Ringke. The company is known for their mobile phone accessory and cases.

The said LG V30 cases are now up for pre-order at  mobilefun UK website, wherein the image of device enclosed in a case shows the backside and leaves nothing to the imagination. There are two types of related cases that are available on that site at the moment— a clear/transparent cover and a dual layer tough case. Both of the accessories are priced at $19.99 each but the the clear case obviously shows off more of the rear portion due to its nature.

The render reveals that the V30 is also going the have a dual camera set-up just like its predecessor. There seems to be minimal protrusion this time around while the flash and laser autofocus are located beside the module. Below the cameras is the fingerprint sensor where it is sensibly placed for ergonomics. At the side, the volume rocker is visible while further down at the bottom of the back side is where you can find the unobtrusive V30 branding.

Based on the early leaks,  the V30 is going to feature a LG’s own ‘FullVision’ display which points to a 18:9 aspect ratio– similar tall display of the G6. The Korean company will utilize OLED display for their panel this time around. The official unveiling of the device is going to be on August 31 at IFA.


Update October 4, 2017– Added Spigen tough Armor case