A smaller LG G6 could be in the pipeline

Hot on the heels of the critically well received LG G6 is the rumored mini variant that is apparently on the way. Folks at technobuffalo has unearthed some interesting information that leads to a more compact version of the LG G6. However, they are holding back on some information of the leaks and it is too early to know the veracity of reports. But based on Korean company’s past outings, it is not unsurprising if LG announced a trimmed down version of their flagship in order to appeal to wider consumer base.

Though it is a huge 5.7 inch phone, the LG G6 can be considered a single-handed device. That is because of the magic of a 18:9 aspect ratio which gives it a tall instead of wide form factor. Though the flagship G6 is not a frustratingly big phone that desperately needs a smaller doppelganger. But based on leaked document, LG is planning to release a 5.4-inch variant. The final specs is still up in the air  but it is easy to speculate it could probably be a midrange device judging from the company’s past ‘mini’ offerings. Historically, (except for the G5) LG releases a downgraded flagships in a smaller body though its similarity oftentimes is only with the design and naming convention. That could also be the case here but we have to wait and see the official announcement.

The leaked images do show that the device has uncanny resemblance to its more illustrious sibling. It looks like there will also be a dual camera setup at the back with a fingerprint scanner. It is hard to tell if the metal glass build quality will be skimped in favor of a much cheaper material. The tall aspect ratio is already given but it is not known whether both variant will share the screen resolution.

There is a possibility that the device is targeted for emerging market just like other LG ‘minis’ before it, that is if it is actually sold for much less than what the current flagship is asking.

via: technobuffalo