Samsung Galaxy S8+ gets 4/10 repairability score by iFixit

Samsung’s latest flagships, both the S8 and its bigger variant, the S8+ will be in the hands of many consumers in a few days. It is now a tradition for a high-profile smartphone to get the iFixit treatment just to know how easy or difficult it is to repair in the event it needs one. To stop beating around the bush, the Galaxy S8+, just like many water resistant phones before it, is not going to be easy to repair. The strong adhesives that is used to seal the device against water damage is going to be a nightmare if one decides to take the DIY route without risking further damage to the phone.

Another aspect that makes S8+ tricky to disassemble is its front and rear glass panel. Sure it is very pretty to look at but the thought of inflicting unintentional damage to its glassy exterior is enough to consider a worthy case due to its low repairability scale. In addition, the curved screen doesn’t help either because replacing the glass is tricky as the possibility of incurring damage to the display is very high.

Meanwhile, the Note7 battery debacle is still fresh in people’s mind and Samsung assures that it won’t happen this time around with more stringent testing to avoid another costly mishap. But folks at iFixit noticed that there seems to be no noticeable changes on the battery’s design from the surface. It is still hard to pry out with tough adhesives but can be replaced.

On the plus side, the modular design makes it less difficult to replace each of the component provided you can find them. Surprisingly, the repairability score of Galaxy 8+ (4/10) fares better compared to last year’s Galaxy S7 edge which garnered a 3/4 score. All in all, repairing the component is not going to be a walk in the park and best leave it to Samsung professionals.

source: ifixit