Facial recognition feature in the pipeline for LG G6 via software update

Unlike its previous offering, the G6 is a streamlined approach this time around for LG without having to shove polarizing yet somehow innovative features to its customers. With the positive general reception for its latest flaghsip, the Korean company is not resting on its laurels with the LG G6.  It is pushing for facial recognition capability this time which is scheduled for June software update. There are already indeed meaningful hardware and software upgrade but LG will be able to sneak another in the form of a 3D face recognition that adds another layer of biometric security. 

LG in partnership with biometric firm Oez (that specialize on facial recognition technology), is about to bring more secure solution to the G6. Another reason why LG picked a relatively unknown company to deliver a fresh take on 3D face-scanning security is that the software is compatible to already existing hardware such as the predecessor G5 and the more recent LG V20.

The planned 3D face scanning solution is going to be an alternative to payment security method that LG currently employs for its nascent digital wallet app for Korean market. Question still lingers about how reliable is using facial recognition over other traditional security option as Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 has its flaw that can pose a serious risk if not addressed. Oez reassures that this is not the case with the their software OezFR as they have souped up security so as to avoid getting bypassed simply by using a person’s picture.

Nevertheless, really interesting stuff to look forward to and still have to wait if they could truly deliver. If they can pull it off, that is another feather on the cap for LG by being the first secure facial recognition solution moving forward.

source: pocketnow