Standing tall: Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are finally official

If there is anything the latest announcement of Galaxy S8 shows us, that should be the slow death of bezels is a reality and narrow/tall aspect ratio seems the way forward for a flagship device. Also in the wake of costly Note 7 battery fiasco, it seems Samsung is playing it safe this time by not pushing battery capacity further. With the 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 and the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+, Samsung is trying to make it up from last year’s debacle and it looks like they have another winner in their hands based on the early positive response at their Unpacked event.

Though the LG G6 beats them to become the first to introduce such tall aspect ratio in the market, the Galaxy S8 has few more tricks up its sleeve. The highlight of the S8 is its visually stunning screen that is curved on the side edges which creates an illusion of absence of bezels. The top and bottom has significantly thinner space to make way for more screen real estate without adding much size when compared to last year’s flagship. The result can be one of the most beautifully crafted phone the Korean company has ever produced.

There are numerous ways to unlock your Galaxy S8 aside from the traditional passwords, patterns and fingerprint sensor. The iris scanner has made a comeback which was last seen from the defunct Note 7. Facial recognition is not really new on Android devices but implementation is still a lot to be desired. Meanwhile on the S8, the facial detect system may finally put in on mainstream as it is much better and faster to unlock that it only take almost split second to do so. The only sore point to an otherwise impeccable design is the positioning of the fingerprint scanner. Since there is no physical home button anymore, the fingerprint sensor is now situated near the camera which makes for a potentially smudgy photo lens.

Samsung didn’t push megapixel count with the same 12MP sensor found on previous flagships is also on the S8. However the focus is more on software side this time as they made effort to improve image processing instead of adding more pixels to the already proven camera of its predecessor. For selfie lovers, a significant bump on the front camera which is now at 8-megapixel front shooter with auto focus. One of the curious camera decision which Samsung didn’t pursue is the dual-camera set up. Most manufacturers have implemented their own take on dual cameras at the back but none can be found on either Galaxy S8 models.

One of the bold decision with the S8 is Samsung’s take on personal assistant, Bixby. It even even has its own dedicated physical button on the side of the phone. However, it is still in its nascency and the jury whether it will be a viable option to what Google has to offer.

Both Galaxy S8 variants will come in black, silver and gray color in the US. Meawhile, there are more palette of choices for international market as you can get the phone in gold and blue. The release date for US market is on April 21 however, Samsung is still coy about pricing at this moment. You may visit Samsung website for more details about specs and features.