LG G6 early teardown shows promising repairability

New found design language for an LG phone ditched the manufacturer’s removable battery tradition in favor of water resistant body. Truth be told, gone are the days when the battery of a flagship can be easily removed all by yourself by taking out of the back cover or sliding out of its module. This time around, when your battery croaks, might as well leave it to the pro to safely dismantle the sealed device, or have the courage to pry it open and pray everything ends well without breaking something in the process.

Well ahead of its official release, Youtuber JerryRigEverything was granted by LG to do a teardown of the upcoming G6. As expected, you will need a slew of tools to safely disassemble the G6 such as a suction cup and hot air blower to soften the adhesives.

The first reveal is that the back is actually made out of glass and it is coated with paint on the inside part. When scratched with a sharp object, the paint job comes off but no worries since the exposed part is the non-coated gorilla glass 3. The back panel is quite durable as the video shows it takes multiple pokes to break the glass.

As for the sealed battery, taking it out is not as simple as its predecessor, but that is already given since this is an IP68 water resistant phone. After removing the screws and wireless charging module, the challenging part on the video seems to be the battery that is attached to adhesive, so he uses heat blower gun to soften it up. But the good news here is that it not buried under layers of module, thus a little less painful to replace the battery. LG mentioned during the unveiling that is has taken extra step further to make sure it will avoid battery mishap that plagued the competitor. True enough, a punctured battery of G6, as shown in the video didn’t initiate a mini fireworks display, though it triggers the battery to smoke but that is just about it. You can watch the full Youtube video below.


source: JerryRigEverything | via