Set in stone: upcoming LG G6 features — as confirmed by LG

LG G6’s official inception is just around the corner. To the surprise of no one, there are already numbers of leaks and rumor around the web with regard to its design and set of features. Most of those hush-hush features are starting to trickle in as confirmed by none other by LG themselves. The Korean company seems it doesn’t want keep their fans in state of suspense anymore with a series of videos teasing some of the rumored specs of their flagship device. We surmise that there are still surprises upon official unveiling but in this case, LG decides to preempt some just to whet your appetite or at least spark some curiosity.

The LG G5 didn’t exactly set the world on fire but its modular design is a bold move. But LG knows there are a lot of catching up to do as they try to strike a balance between consumer’s preconceive expectation as to what set of features constitute a flagship device in 2017 and bringing something new but with more thoughtful execution this time around.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, here’s what can we expect when the device is officially outed on February 26, 2107.

It will be a big phone this time

Its predecessor, the G5 is a 5.3 inch in size and is not a small phone by any stretch of the imagination. But as Samsung has proven with the Galaxy S7 Edge, aiming large has still not reached a diminishing return yet. Definitely LG G6 is not going to be left out from the trend to upsize, as the rumored 5.7 inch QHD display (2,880 x 1,440 pixels) will have an unconventional 18:9 aspect ratio.  The more elongated design is deemed to be much more conducive to multitasking due to its square-ish multi window view. That said, the size of the phone will still be grip friendly as it still fits the hand– though taller but still with manageable width.

Yep, it will be waterproof

Also the current direction or trend for premium device nowadays is to go waterproof, err underwater or bust. Its predecessor didn’t have it but that decision is probably due to more consumer friendly feature of having a removable battery. Since the G5 is not exactly a massive hit the company wanted, leaks suggest that this time they will go for a unibody sealed design. But hey, if underwater selfie is what consumer wants, then it is actually what they will get with the G6.


And dustproof too

If it is good enough to withstand a casual dip in the water, why not a minute particle or dust. LG is teasing a video of powdery flour as a rectangular line with rounded edges appears on the screen. It probably alludes to dust resistant feature of the G6. Okay, using it as a baking utensil is too far off to be real— but one can only dream.

Back to square one or two

They made a phone with a curve screen, then followed by device with a modular design. LG will always brings something new to the table which is a good thing though it may or may not connect with consumers. LG G6 this time around is said to utilize its taller form factor by taking advantage of square user experience. The multitasking teaser below shows it can be used to preview your captured photos and you may also delete it from there without having to leave the camera.

A new UX 6.0

And finally, here is a quick glimpse of the LG UX 6.0 that features a whole lot of squares. The software overlay is expected to be on top of Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box.