A blast from the past: A revamped Nokia 3310 ressurected

The Nokia 3310 is the phone that launched a thousand hilarious memes on social media. It has been the subject of a long running gag in the internet parodied for its durability and endurance. The iconic device was launched in 2000 and left a fond memories of a reliable chunky cellphone back in the days of yore . If we are going to take a trip down memory lane, those were the days when phones are just for calls and texting. Back in the day, if your phone doesn’t last a day, it only means time to get a new battery. You remove the back cover (and also customize with changeable Xpress-On covers) and simply pop in a brand new one that should give a good three day run. As such, the legacy device also doesn’t need a protective case as you can simply replace the cover with a personalized one. On the other hand, if you drop it,  at worst its outer shell will just separate but put it together and it is good to go. That said HMD, the new caretaker of the Nokia branding banks on that goodwill which is enough reason to resurrect what has been an iconic phone.


Living up to its elder’s reputation, the feature phone comes in colorful pebble design language. But this time around, the souped-up 3310 comes has a bigger LCD screen and 2MP camera. In this day and age, the spiffier version still wont be everyone’s cup of tea, but the long standby time make it irresistible back up phone. The £42 dumb phone is a stamina champ, so just in case the supposed ‘smart’ one just conked-out, its one-month standby time is always ready and also means spending much less time using the microUSB charger.

Aside from its incomparable battery life which is user replaceable by the way, it comes with FM radio with 3mm headphone jack which is non-existent feature of high-end phone of today, amazing! (Ok the comparison is apples to oranges, but just saying). The screen size got an upgrade as well as it now comes with 2.4-inch curved screen window which makes for a better sunlight legibility. MicroSD card is also available as the small 16MB internal storage definitely wont suffice for media consumption. Finally, the nostalgia factor wont be complete without the game Snake and it is now in glorious colored 2D!

source: Nokia