Mark your calendar: LG G6 will be unveiled on February 26, 2017 at MWC

There is no secrecy anymore about LG’s intention to introduce to the world their latest flagship. On 26th of February, an invite that states a “Big Screen” phone will be introduced by the South Korean phone maker. The picture also shows a more elongated aspect-ratio that translate to a screen size that still manages to fit in the hand as the image suggested. For those who want to take a gander at its aesthetics, there are already leaks in full view as the LG G6 leaves a little room for the imagination.

What we know so far

According to report, LG is ready to jump the “water resistant” bandwagon while sacrificing user replace-ability of the battery of its predecessor.  A dual camera and a fingerprint sensor positioned at the rear resembles more recent LG flagship. This time around, they ditched the modular aspect of the phone to a more traditional uni-body design. Bezel or less of it is the hottest obsession of phone vendors nowadays and the G6 looks really nice with more space relegated for its rumored 18:9 aspect-ratio. A Snapdragon 821 chipset could also be doing the heavy lifting.

Again, February 26, 2017 is the day when the LG G6 is going to be official at Mobile World Congress. As mobile phone starts to become homogeneous in terms of form and function, let us see if LG’s latest top-of-the-line device have what it takes to rise above the rest.

source: LG Mobile