Show your allegiance with these Team Valor gears and accessories

If you are a Pokemon Go trainer and if it happens you in the market for Team Valor gears and accessories, then you’ve come to the right stop. Team Valor is aptly represented by color red, which symbolizes passion and commitment to become ‘the very best’. Moltress is the symbol of the game, a legendary bird in the series. For passionate trainers, these are the items that represent your chosen side that you can wear and pin with pride. Check out them out below

Team Valor T-Shirt

Pokemon Go Team Valor T-shirt

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Printed with the mighty red flaming logo of the mythical Moltres, it shows the undeniable side you are on and that is exactly the idea of donning this t-shirt. You can now wear your alliance with this edgy black t-shirt that is made with comfortable cotton. This is a custom printed shirt using the brand Gildan, which a popular choice for their quality. Black and red combination looks awesome is also a reflection of the team’s strong will and winning attitude. This shirt is also available in different sizes.

Team Valor Baseball Cap

team valor cap

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It has become traditional to wear cap to show support to a cause and in this case, a Pokemon Go Team. The cap has a stitching of the Team Valor emblem on the front and it is embroidered in the US.  Meanwhile, the baseball cap used here is sourced from quality headgear, with Velcro closure at the back for easy adjustment.

Team Valor Badge Pin

Team Valor Badge Pin

Badge are cool way to accessorize your personal stuff such as clothes and bag to make it stand out. It will go well with anything you can pin it — and of course with team Valor logo adorning the badge, nothing else. This pinback button is a low-key way of having them know your team which can be either as noticeable or as inconspicuous, however you feel like it.