Microsoft eyes March roll-out of Windows 10 mobile

February was supposed to be the big day for Microsoft’s mobile platform but the month has passed with eerie silence on the Windows 10 mobile front. Meanwhile, fans of the platform holding on to their Windows Phone 8 devices and looking forward to the day when the updated software is finally rolled-out– only to get their hopes dashed after Microsoft announced that it’s moving software makeover this March.

Nothing is specific with regard to time frame, but according to report, the upgrade will initiate right after the scheduled monthly firmware update for their recent premium phones running Windows 10– the Lumia 950 and the 950Xl that are already in the hands of the consumer.

Strings of delays sets the platform off to a rocky start as the supposed update was announced as early as the back end of last year. If it finally happens, Windows 8.1 users must manually trigger the Windows 10 update to push through. Though it is expected that old devices will get the long awaited upgrade, the possibility of getting hampered by vendor and carrier’s consent is there. Fingers crossed, hopefully the long delay is over before March ends but it is still wise to not hold one’s breath based on how things are getting stalled for some reason.

Update 03/17: Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 for phones is now ready for selected legacy devices running Windows Phone 8.1. To determine whether your device is getting the update, you need to download Upgrade Advisor via the Windows Store. As mentioned, the list are limited as some older devices are held back by their hardware and may not run smoothly with Windows 10. In addition, carrier restrictions are also a major factor why some are getting left behind. Be sure to check out the Upgrade Advisor app to determine whether your Windows Phone is eligible.

source: Microsoft