LG takes the wrap off of the innovative LG G5

lg g5

LG G5 is just announced today at the MWC 2016, which has all the markings of what a premium device can be- an aluminum housing, a state-of-the-art specs and a feature that sets it apart from other flagships out there – a modular design that opens possibilities as to what this device can possibly do.

Removable chin is a Friend

One the LG G5’s unique feature is its modular design wherein you can remove the bottom bezel and replace it with add-on to better the experience and functionality of the phone. The add-on modules or ‘Friend’ (as LG likes to call it) can be a camera or audio enhancement that can be plugged at the bottom by swapping with the current module. And oh by the way, the modular design brings a smart feature power user will appreciate– a user replaceable 2,800mAh battery revealed by sliding the bottom part- take that phones with sealed batteries!

Dual main camera for wider field of view

It is almost certain that the LG G5 is going to be equipped with awesome camera just like its predecessor the LG G4 and is among the best camera you can find on Android smartphones. LG didn’t rest on its laurel with the G5 as it now comes with dual main camera at the back. The one camera has a normal 16 MP sensor while the extra 8MP shooter is for taking a more wide angle shots at 135-degree field of view.

Always-on display

The LG G5 has a 5.3″ display of the LCD kind and comes with Always-on-mode that keeps a small area of the phone turned-on for notification, time and date. There are reservations about battery life as the portion of the screen is constantly glowing but LG allay those concern as claim that tiny toll on stamina is barely noticeable with .8% consumption per hour.

Processor, Storage and Memory, Fingerprint sensor

Running with a Snapdragon 820 chipset and 4GB of RAM onboard should make performance not an issue, at least on papers. Internal storage is available at 32GB on board while a microSD slot is there if the need for extra space arise. There is a rear fingerprint sensor at the back, meanwhile the iconic volume button is longer there as it is now located to the side of the phone.

Pricing and exact date of availability is yet to be announced by LG.