LG V10 has fingerprint issue with case on: LG to fix via update

The LG V10 is a top-of-the-line phone that has all the markings of a great device- it has super sharp resolution, a powerful camera and a rugged yet sleek design composed of stainless steel chassis. In keeping in line with other flagships out there, LG for the first time equipped its high-end phone with a snappy fingerprint scanner. But shortly after its release, many users found out that the fingerprint sensor stops working with a case on.

lg v10 fingerprint issue casegate

Users who bought cases on Amazon also confirmed that using a case on the V10  can render the rear fingerprint scanner useless- but once taken out of the case, the scanner unlocks the phone and works like it should again. On Twitter, LG acknowledged the issue by stating that a fix is on its way via software update. The Korean company also suggested an ambiguous workaround by “touching the side metal beams” to be able to read the fingerprint while inside a case.

Though some LG V10 users say that they weren’t affected at all by the so called ‘casegate’, but those who got fingerprint issue mentioned re-entering their fingerprint pattern once again while inside the case does the trick. Others take the more drastic step, which is to cut a small portion of the side of the case, enough to touch the metal rails with their palm or finger. Either way, LG and to some extent case makers, hopefully address the design flaw in the quickest possible time.

Update: A firmware update was rolled out to fix LG V10’s fingerprint issue for AT&T users in the US.

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